Our daily lessons: it’s English time!

We have English lessons every day. Once a week we have class with Sandra Groome, our conversation teacher. We follow lessons with patience and curiosity and the teachers are kind and helpful to us.

Our folder is composed of “sections”, and they are: grammar, vocabulary, exercise, dictation, Sandra’s and culture and civilization. They are helpful to divide the topics, so it is easier to find the pages when we study, and we can study better.

When we work with our English teacher, we deal especially with grammar and vocabulary. On the other hand, when Ms. Groome is in class, we pay particular attention to communication: we do a lot of speaking exercises that help us learn how to express ourselves using the vocabulary we studied in previous lessons. Furthermore, we use textbooks to understand the new topics better or simply to do some practice to improve our grammar and vocabulary skills.

The teacher sometimes puts Power Point presentations we use in class on Teams: they can also help us to study at home and to do our homework.

She also writes our homework on the blackboard to allow everyone to copy it correctly. I really enjoy it and I do not take it for granted because in my elementary school it did not happen! 

Chiara De Sinopoli

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